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Albino Models are ‘Beauty centers of our fashion designers’

For years the modelling industry has been known to portray the “perfect” image of what they believed a person should really look like; tall, slender, tan and flawless. But recently the modelling world has taken a more “abstract” route and designers have been changing their view at a rapid pace, using more eccentric faces to open for their runway shows.

A case in point is designer Ricardo Tisci, who has been known to cast unusual people to represent the line and made waves when he used Lea T, a transgender model, to represent Givenchy in the past – and his latest “face” for the line is no different. This time, Tisci cast an albino man, Stephen Thompson, as the new front for Givenchy.

“Riccardo Tisci, designer for the French fashion house said that he’s often admired the look of albinos and that they’ve been an inspiration for the tones that are recurrent in his designs, he told Women’s Wear Daily,” the NY Daily News reports. Thompson and Tisci have opened a lot of doors for people who look a little “different”. But how many models out there actually have albinism? You’ve got to admit, it’s not something you’ve probably ever thought of.

Albinism is probably one of the most discriminated against syndromes in the world, basically because of people’s lack of knowledge of it. Some cultures in Africa actually believe that albinism is the result of a curse and that it’s contagious. Others believe that albinos can tell the future and that albino body parts are useful talismans in black magic. Now, obviously none of that’s true, but it just shows you the extremities people go to to make up things about something they don’t understand.

In this following lines you will meet some of the most beautifully unusual people you have ever seen (who just happen to lack melanin)…

Refilwe Modiselle is a model and entertainer from Soweto, South Africa and earned her claim to fame as a model for South African designer David Tlale when she became the first woman with albinism to walk a runway in South Africa.

Alyona Subbotina is a fashion model who comes from Kazakhstan and has done very well for herself posing for campaigns like Giorgio Armani, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Macari and Oscar de la Renta and magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire UK, Schön! Magazine and Elle Mexico.

Though she isn’t a household name yet, she is definitely one pretty face to be on the lookout for.

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